Backup.  Backup.  Backup.

IDrive Online Backup

We cannot emphasize this enough.  Backup!

Many people get a spare USB hard disk drive to do their backups, but forget to backup their files regularly!

Or, as in the recent case of the disasters in eastern Australia, the storms and resulting floods washed out homes and businesses.  Flood waters don't care it is your only backup USB hard disk drive in it's way, together with your PC with all it's precious memories.  Irreplaceable photographs.  And perhaps important documents.  All gone!

But not if you use the only KAADTEK-tested and approved online backup system.

With online backup, you simply get to another PC, and within seconds, access your important document (the one you HAD to have that morning) from your private login to your online backup site.

Online backup is not new.  But while many offer this service only a few offer security DURING the backup (and restore) operations.  KAADTEK found that, In most cases, during your upload or download to/from the Internet your files are being sent un-secured!  We spent many months testing various online backup offerings, and the the online backup service that KAADTEK is happy to recommend to you ensures that if your Internet service is compromised in any way, at least your data won't be.

Click here to signup for 5GB worth of backup - FREE!  Plus you can upgrade or purchase 150GB worth of backup for less than USD 5.00 a month.  There is no risk.  Give it a try NOW!  More on iDrive on the video below.